April 29, 2009

My week brought to you in bullet points

  • I still have no puppy. I haven't tried looking too hard yet. I will at some point. I'm way too indecisive for my own good. I think I'm back to no pet for now. I do really want the pup. But I have to admit.. I kinda just want it to fall in my lap.
  • Weekend with Kate was perfect. I could really get used to us living in the same town. Let's just send a little shot out to God asking him to let me stay in Columbia for just a little longer!
  • I woke up at a truly un-godly hour Monday morning to take her to the airport. I somehow made it through the day and even put in gym work after work-work. AND went to the grocery store. Mmmhmmm.
  • But it was awfully sad to come home to a house without her.
  • My TV works again!!! And that is such a cause for celebration for me.. trust me! Back to DVR'ing away as usual. So far I've gotten caught up on Desperate Housewives, Army Wives, The Hills, and Gossip Girl. Got some 90210, SVU, and Lie to Me to go.
  • I officially have 7 more days until I see the hubster. I'm finally letting myself be extremely excited over this. I went through every single emotion. From feeling like it would never get here, to being initially excited, to dreading it because I know it's just another "see ya later", to being scared for multiple reasons ( what if it's wierd, what if I'm not the same person, what if he's not, what if I see him and I'm just like.. Oh hi.. and then it's like a normal old day, to now putting all those thoughts behind me and just letting myself being stoked and believing that we'll be the same as we've always been) Basically.. I can't wait. One week from tomorrow :) Pray for good weather.
  • I think i'm ready to push past the one mile mark on my running. Yes, I know I'm a wuss and I should have passed this already. Today I could have gone further but I'm running into a blister problem. I'm getting them on the insides of my feet. Right in the middle, on the side, in the arch of my feet. Thicker socks? Bandaids? Get used to it?
  • I'm very excited for a date Saturday with my SIL. Pedi's in the morning. Crawfish Festival all day after that. Do I like crawfish? Um no. Do I like a day outside around lots of people, bands, good weather, and drinks? Absolutely.
  • My brother left yesterday for AF Basic. In Texas. I said bye to him on Sunday and cried even though I didn't think I would. I got pretty emotional sending my little brother on his way like that. I know this will be great for him, I'm proud of him, but I did stay true to my basketcase, emotional self.
  • My house smelled like something died in it on Saturday. After spending a lot of time narrowing it down (taking out trash, running the garbage disposal, literally looking for dead animals in the vents) I realized it was the load of towels that I washed on TUESDAY and somehow forgot to put in the dryer. They were so moldy they made my house smell like a rotten morgue. I never claimed to be Mrs. Domestic Diva. Don't judge.


ay113sc said...
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ay113sc said...
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ay113sc said...

So I'm not even going to get a grandpet?????

High Heels & Combat Boots said...

Well I hope you rewashed the towels that had been sitting there...hahaha...