April 22, 2009

Change of Heart

I know no one more fickle than I am.. let me tell you!

Good thing I never did settle on a little kitty to take home. I changed my mind this week when a lady I work with came in with The.Most.Adorable puppy I have Ever.Seen.In.My.Life.

Her name is Lucy. She's a maltipoo . And I love her. I HAVE to have one. I'm having above mentioned co-worker look around for me. Probably won't happen in the next week. But it WILL happen.


New Girl on Post said...

You are so cute! Isn't that the type of dog that Jessica Simpson has?

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Hey girl! So I went to your neck of the woods and have returned already...WOW, it was such a fast trip too! I got there at about 11:00 pm last evening and we left at 12:00 this afternoon...I'm bushed now, lol...I am in the process of blogging about it now so be looking for it!

Ashleigh said...

maltipoos! are! so! cute!