April 19, 2009

My lists of 8

Seeing how I've had a horrible horrible case of bloggers block over the last couple weeks (months?), you can imagine how excited I was to see that one of my new fav bloggers, Mrs. GI Joe, tagged me in this fun little post. Perfect for me right now.. thanks girl!

8 things I look forward to:
  1. Let's start with the most obvious... 17 more days and a wake-up before I get to see that amazing husband of mine!! Family Day on May 7, and graduation on the 8th! Yes, I understand that I won't even get to spend a full 24 hours with him total before he moves on to OCS, but I'll take what I can get and soak up every second!
  2. Getting back into the gym tomorrow and pushing myself a little further.
  3. Tuesday night dinner that I'm making for our good friends, C & J. They have been so good to me while Trey has been gone. C coming over unasked and unexpectedly to mow and trim the yard. And J being there through ALL of my many many ups and downs and listening like a saint through every single episode and through all the tears. So point being.. I love them and I'm making them baked ziti Tuesday night.
  4. Some night this week getting in a new tv converter box (i think that's what they're called) because the hard drive blew on mine and will not record any new shows or let me watch anything that was recorded. Gasp! Those that know me best know the extreme mess this little episode has turned my life into.
  5. Weighing in for The Biggest Loser Thursday morning. Because somehow or another I lost another 3 lbs this week. Holla. I'm now comfortable enough to share my weight publicly with you girls. Ready? When hubs left for basic I was weighing in at a full 150lbs. Please keep in mind that I'm a tiny boned, 5'barely 3" girl, so this for me was not pretty. I'm proud to say that as of last Thursday morning I weighed in at 139.4. Again.. holla.
  6. Picking up my cousin, Kate, from the airport Friday night after work. She's spending the weekend with me and I'm very excited to have her energy with me.
  7. Getting together with my fam this coming up weekend for some qt with my brother and some of his closest friends since that'll be his last weekend in town before he leaves for Texas for his Basic Training. Again.. I would have never guessed a year ago that my life would be so involved in the military. Please tell me how this happened again??
  8. Sporadic visits to Georgia while hubs is at OCS.
  9. Leaving winter behind and bringing out that summer sun full force. Yes, I know I live in the deep south and we've had weather in the mid to high 70's for some time now. But I'm really ready for that to be an all day thing. It's still pretty chilly at night yall! (ha)
  10. Finding out where we're be moved (if at all) for hubs 6-month training after OCS (please forgive me.. I'm not quite down with the terms yet)

Hahahaha.. I really just now noticed that I've exceeded my 8 things. But I refuse to erase, I have a lot to look forward to. I could keep going, but I'll save that for a rainy day.

8 things I did yesterday:

  1. Overslept
  2. And in doing so missed the Bark in the Park walk I was supposed to do. It was a charity walk for a no-kill animal shelter we have around here called Project Pet. I already donated my money though so I don't feel too too badly. I really needed that sleep.
  3. Did some much needed cleaning. You would think no one actually lives in my house and someone just comes in it sporadically just to mess it up and leave.
  4. Called Dish to figure out what was wrong with said receiver, only for them to tell me I need a new one. They will be mailing it to me and I'll have to figure out how to connect it all on my own. Ha!
  5. Picked up Trey's truck.
  6. Watched The Office and Southland on Hulu. That non-working DVR is killing me.
  7. Napped. I really really needed sleep.
  8. Went out on the town with some friends. It may have involved shots. And the night may have ended with us eating left over fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and rolls at 2 in the morning. Whatev.. we had fun.

8 things I wish I could do:

  1. Make my laundry magically do itself with no folding or ironing from me involved.
  2. Have the groceries buy themselves as well while we're at it.
  3. Run more than a mile without dying. How am I supposed to build up from there? It's not happening at the rate I feel it should.
  4. Travel more. Although I suspect I'll be doing much more of that.
  5. Keep my house cleaner without much more effort.
  6. Find the time to read more.
  7. Think of something really creative to do for Trey on that one day we get to spend together coming up.
  8. Turn off my brain from constantly over-thinking.

8 shows I watch: (this may be hard to limit)

  1. Army Wives
  2. Desperate Housewives
  3. Law & Order: SVU
  4. Friday Night Lights
  5. The Hills
  6. Gossip Girls
  7. 90210
  8. Family Guy

Trust me there are many more.. but I'll stop there. Please don't judge on #'s 5-7.

I'm going to skip the tagging process.. sorry! Feel free to do it if you'd like, but let me know if you do.. I'd love to read it :)

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Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Well cool! Really good to read more about you and your everyday life...I think this is perfect for that:p I am sooo freakin in awe with your weight loss girl! That is a huge amount there... I can barely loose the five pounds I've been working on for a good eight months now...Phew...As for the running bit, I just hit my 2 mile mark today! I have to say that you need to focus what is keeping you from pushing further at the time your getting REALLY tired...Like is it your lungs, or your legs and if its your legs, which part, thighs or calves? For me I know its a little of both so I try to do things like walking on a huge incline on the tread to build leg muscle and then I use the running to build my muscle....Then its just a matter of pushing youself when you want to quit from there...It sucks, I know! Good luck and keep up the amazing work!