January 18, 2009

Prayers Needed..

Although I am a little far behind.. it's never too late for prayers.

I've never read this blog before, but after seeing other people requesting prayers and hearing about her story from someone who doesn't even have a blog (mum), I had to check it out. After giving birth to her beautiful little girl the other day, there were some complications, and the baby had to be flown to St. Frances hospital in Tulsa. I think as of earlier today, baby Harper is in stable condition. It is completely overwhelming to see not only their own faith in God and in prayer, but also the love and support they are receiving from fellow bloggers around them. They have hundreds of people praying for them. People they don't even know, but have been following her blog, are showing up at the hospital to show support.
WOW... This only shows what I've come to truly believe over the past couple of months on here to be true. The friendships we form are real. Our bloggy friends are just as real and true as my girlfriends that live here and see in real life.

So if you haven't already, go on and check out her blog, give them your support, and please please please lift up your prayers for her family.


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Charlotte said...

Yeah I have her link on my page...the whole story is so heart wrenching and scary...I know that with everyone getting the word out though the prayers will make a lasting effect!!!