January 4, 2009

Back to Reality

Ahh.. the holidays were nice while they lasted weren't they? Even when Christmas was over, going back to work Monday wasn't so bad knowing it was only for 3 days, then having another 4 day weekend. Now what? Back to the grind. With no up-coming vacations to look forward. I would like to take an extra moment of pity just for myself. ( Which is actually a blessing, but still ) We're starting back on a regular 5-day work week, at least for January!!! Which is great on the bank account, don't get me wrong! But I haven't worked a full work week since early November!! Ugghhhh!! I don't remember what that's like!
For the past 3 days I have been absolutely useless. Like a lump on a log. Friday.. Trey had to work. I spent the whole day.. WHOLE DAY.. on my couch catching up on DVR. I probably should have gotten bed sores. I walked outside once. To check the mail. When Trey did get home, I did get off my arse and made dinner. Steaks on our brand new George Forman grill.. Thanks Santa!! I love that thing. Can't wait to grill some chicken on it this week!! Then.. it hurts to even speak of this.. we watched.. the.. Bama bowl game.

There are NO words to express the dissapointment, shock, and heartache that was ever so present in this house Friday night. Wow.. no words. Trey was still moping on Saturday. I was so sad for that beautiful quarterback of theirs, John Parker. What a way to play your last game ever. 7 sacks?? Oh man.. I can't talk about this yet. My heart hurts.

We were lazy lumps together that day. He got a PS3 New Years Eve with Christmas money. Nuff said. I'm literally going crazy right this second. He got some war game that all his friends have so they can play online together *gay* so all i hear is machine guns continually going off in my house... quite annoying. Good thing we have to leave in an hour to go to family dinner night (we do this with his family once a month). I would image he needs to get his behind up and take a shower.. but what do I know??
Anyways.. back to Saturday. We did nothing at all again except go out to dinner at around 7. Texas Longhorns (again.. thanks Santa!!) Dinner was great!! Then we got home and got back on the couch to watch a movie.. ha!
So I think my body will be in pure shock when I have to actually get up in the morning and be productive. It will be much needed though. Trust me!

Trey takes his ASVAB Wednesday so check back with me for a full report. Have a great week!!


KLC said...

Good luck heading back to work... I know it's going to be rough for me that's for sure!!!

Heather said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend! Sometimes I need to be lazy for a while, but I know what you mean about going back to work. So tough!
And I'm still recovering from the Sugar Bowl too. How sad. How very, very sad. :(

Heather's M said...

Heather gave me a George Foreman grill for Christmas and I LOVE it. Don't know why I never got one before. It's so quick and easy!