January 17, 2013


Clever title, right?

I wanted to do a little post about our first baby before the 2nd one gets here - in.. ahem.. exactly 2 weeks! Things are moving so fast with him and I don't want to forget anything. Plus, if Daddy ever has time to check this little ol' blog, I'm sure he'd love the update :)

He is all too inquisitive lately. Simple answers are no longer acceptable to his questions. It's a lot of fun ;)
We just had to chat for about 5 minutes about why most school buses have stop signs but his toy bus does not have one.
We also just got done washing his hands and we talked all about how the water comes OUT of the faucet and DOWN the drain. Big long conversation about that. But then he wanted to know what those little holes are on the side of the sink. I have no earthly idea why those are there, actually. But I'd better find out!
We have talks like this is the car - (we were on our way to Trey's dad's work)
A: Where's Grandad?
Me: He's at work.
A: Where's Grandad's work?
Me: Just down the road a little big. We're on the way.
A: Where's Grandad's truck?
Me: It's at his work?
*1 minute pause*
Repeat conversation all over again. Twice.
Me: Please stop asking me that over and over again. We'll see him in just a few minutes.
A: Where's over and over again?
Ahhhhhh.. LOL!

He's getting more and more independent. Perfect timing, right? Let the angels sing over that one for a minute.
He plays on his own for longer periods of time. He's okay going to his playroom by himself (that was a battle for a while). He will go upstairs on his own if he wants to get something like his teddy bear or blankie.
He wants to do more on his own, for sure. He sometimes doesn't want your help whatsoever. I'm seeing this a lot with hand washing, getting dressed and getting into the car. I'm hearing a lot more of "No, Andrew do it". Which for the most part is much appreciated, but he's really gotta get better with dressing himself. He's not capable, but wants to be. Can make for some frustrating mornings.
He doesn't mind when I leave him for a bit anymore. As longs as it's not for bedtime apparently. That has always been our biggest battle. He wanted to be with me at all times and would NOT be pleased if I left him for even a few minutes. Now, he'll give me lovens and wave to me as I'm walking out the door. I won't lie.. that's nice! And it makes me even more excited to come home to him!

He's getting real smart and creative when it comes to going down for a nap. Where I used to be able to just give him a few minute warning, then we'd go up with no problem, now he knows what he can do to extend that just a little bit. Things like all of a sudden deciding he would like some milk, WANT to clean up his toys, or spend a few minutes saying goodnight to the dog and his toys. Really, your pickup truck needs hugs and kisses?

He's so smart. He's known all of his letters and numbers for a while, but now he's putting sounds together with the letters. He'll sound words out and tell me what they start with. At first, it was only words that he was familiar with. Now he seems to be able to do it automatically.. except the tricky ones. We had pears with lunch today and while sitting at the table he said, "Pears starts with P mommy". It blows me away each and every time!
He knows where all the letters are on the computer and knows the enter, space and backspace buttons.
He'll count things and do it correctly.
He's great with his opposites.
I just hope that he always has a love for learning!

I think he knows that his baby brother is coming soon. He's very interested in him all over again. And now he'll touch my belly and tell me he wants to feel baby Wes. Or he'll tell me he can't wait to share his cars with baby Wes. He'll excitedly talk in the car about how Wes will sit right next time him. Hopefully, that will keep up once the reality hits that this little person is in our lives to stay. Fingers crossed?!

He's doing better than I thought with Daddy being gone. He talks about him ALL. THE. TIME. But it's not in an angry or sad manner. Just matter of fact and lovingly. Like, "Daddy says, Alright big guy". Or, "when Daddy comes home we'll play outside/go to the park/play with trucks". Or, "Daddy is far away working, helping people". Stuff like that. And always with a smile on his face. I was so afraid that he was going to start acting out and get angry. He seems to be doing very well though. I pray that when Trey gets home, they will just fall seamlessly back into their relationship!

That's about all I can think of for now! Hopefully, I'll have lots of cute brother posts coming up soon :)


Expat Girl said...

Oh my goodness the delaying tactic on the way to bed is ridiculous, Madison does the exact same thing!

Charla Welch said...

Those holes are supposed to be for overflow, so you don't accidentally flood the bathroom via the sink. I think that some sinks aren't installed correctly and the overflow holes won't lead to the drain like they should, but that is what they are for.

Bathtubs usually have something similar. the tubs here have that silver circle on the end with the faucet that looks like it serves no purpose. It's not sealed against the tub, but has an opening that allows water to drain so you don't overflow the tub.

Sarah said...

Your Andrew sounds like one smart cookie! Hope mine follows suit! :)

Jen said...

I swear he gets cuter all the time! :)

Steph said...

He seems like he is super smart. And absolutely adorable. I hope my baby always needs me at bed time! Bless his little heart!

Jenn said...

His EYES Jessica! They are just so gorgeous!! I'm so glad he's adjusted well to Trey leaving and he sounds like he will do just fine with a baby coming into his life. ;)

Thinking of you.. two weeks!! Eeeee!! So close!!!

Mel said...

It's amazing how big that little man is - I can't wait to see him morph into super-brother when baby Wes arrives. He's going to love that kid!

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Our Little Fam said...

my goodness, he is darling!!