July 23, 2012

A little of this and that

My mind's in a million different places this afternoon and what better to cure that than a little post full of bullet points?

I think that when Andrew and I move back home for the deployment, my mom is going to be glad she's hiring a cleaning lady. Case in point:
Look at that living room!!
I hate confrontation. But, I guess it's healthy, right? You can't just let stuff bottle up inside. I can't at least. So, for me, sometimes it's necessary. That doesn't mean it doesn't make me break out in hives.

I have such mixed feelings about going back home this week. I'm excited to have an extended visit and to see everyone, but I sure am going to miss my husband. And I'm sure I'll worry about how he's doing. I worry about small (maybe silly) things, like is he going to be sad without us? I know, I know, he's a grown man and has much bigger fish to fry, my heart just breaks thinking about it though.

While going on my extenda-stay vacay, we're making a trip to the beach! Andrew's first beach trip! Have I mentioned that already? We're excited! I hope he likes it and isn't too scared. I, for one, can't wait to smell that salt air and stick my toes in the sand.. ahhhh! We are staying here.. right on the ocean. Can't I just spend the whole month there?
One of my greatest friends ever is waiting for her husband's plane to land from A-stan right now!!! She hasn't seen him for 290-something days and the excitement is just radiating from her! She stopped by on her way and she just looks way too beautiful. Her husband is a lucky man... well.. they are both lucky and I am so so so thrilled for them! I can't even imagine what she's feeling right now!

There's nothing quite like an Army post when a brigade is coming home! The excitement is definitely permeating through the air. The fidgety, anxious, out-of-their-minds-happy families. The Welcome Home banners on houses and companies. The constant reunion pictures and facebook updates. It's amazing. I'm an emotional person to begin with, but add in pregnancy hormones and I've been brought to tears daily! It's enough to make me put our impending deployment thoughts aside and already look forward to the homecoming. Gives me something to look forward to!

Andrew is going to be TWO next month. How did that happen?? I'm so lucky to be his mama! He's just turning out to be the sweetest little boy and I thank my lucky stars for him all the time! Time just goes by way too fast...


Jen said...

You are so right! There is nothing like a homecoming, it's indescribable! :) Andrew is such an adorable little boy.

Brianna Renee said...

What a cutie! Have a great time!