August 10, 2011

An assortment of thoughts

Do you ever get the urge to write, even though you have nothing in particular to write about? No? Just me? Well that's how I feel right now. I've tackled my to-do list and the babe is still napping, so it's time for a brain dump!

I'm having a Scentsy party on the 17th. Does anyone want to buy anything? You should. You really should :) Here's the link to use, justin case.

I've recently picked up scrapbooking (I know.. I'm a little late jumping on the train) and I LOVE it. I've always wished I was crafty, but didn't think I had any skillz. I would saunter around in Hobby Lobby, just oooing and ahhhing over everything in there. I'd leave feeling inspired, but would never know quite what to do. Scrapbooking has always appealed to me since I love my pictures so much, but I didn't know where to even begin! It's a daunting task! Luckily, when I moved here to Bliss, I made friends with a group of girls who have been around the block when it comes to SB'ing. We do monthly-ish SB nights and I'm officially obsessed. It's brought that well hidden crafty side right out of me. Of course I'm no pro yet, but I'd say I'm doing pretty well for my first book. I'm working on an Army book for Trey. Next I'll do one for my pregnancy and then... then.. Drew's first year! I can't wait to do that one!!
If you SB, do you have any helpful websites? How do you orgainze all of your supplies?

Here are a few of my best pages so far..

That's the definition of "together" at the bottom

4th of July fireworks at the river at Ft. Benning

The background paper is a letter pattern of sorts. So, I plan to take certain parts of letters we wrote to each other while at Basic and fill up the rest of the page :)

I went with my friend Ashley today to check out a kids' consignment shop I'd heard about. I had high expectations... which were shot down as soon as I stepped in. First of all, it was H-O-T in there! Hotter than it was outside, which had to have been in the mid 90s. Secondly, it was about the size of my living room and mostly all girls clothing. And most importantly, their items weren't THAT cheap. I mean.. cheaper than a normal store, but maybe more like a store full of sale items. Not consignment prices.
There was a Goodwill next door, so we figured, why not?! That's where I should have started out, my friends! Walked out of there spending only $5 for 4 winter shirts.
I had a little bit of a dillema in there though. I found the cutest pair of Christmas pj's that were 24 months. I'm having to buy 18 month pj's that he'll need to be in soon, so the rational side of me thought they'd probably be perfect. The emotional side couldn't buy them. They looked SO big. My baby couldn't be that big by Christmas. Nope.. not him. So there they sit.. still on the shelf. Am I crazy? They were probably like a dollar!

Our computer is going out the window very soon if someone can't tell me what is going on with it. The cursor has a little mind of it's own. I'm typing away, telling it what to do, and all of a sudden the cursor is five lines up and I start typing in another sentence without realizing it. Pretty annoying. I make sure to keep my wrists up in case it's just extra sensitive, but I can't really take it anymore. Please help!

End of brain dump... I'm ready for Drew baby to wake up and entertain me :)


Rosemary said...

Very cute pages. I just jumped on to the SB'ing wagon recently too, yet still have not finished my first page. One day.
I am not big on consignment shops. They always seem over priced to me, too. But Goodwill & I are like bff's. I can always count on them for good deals and neat stuff!

Sue Brandon said...

I would live to scrapbook with you guys if you're up to having the ole lady around. I embarrassed how much stuff I have and haven't worked on it over a year. I'm making one for Ashley for her college years. I think I'm about half way through her freshman year. Thank goodness I have until May when she graduates.

C. E. Welch said...

What kind of computer do you have? J has that problem all the time with his Dell. It drives him absolutely crazy and is one of the main reasons we're thinking of replacing his comp. You could try changing the touchpad settings, making it react to a harder touch in case your hands are bumping it while typing. I do that sometimes.

Sweet Memory Photography said...

I love scrapbooking! I keep everything in different sized containers on a bookshelf.

I told you that goodwill was good :-) I am about to go swipe up those 24 month Christmas PJs ;-P

J.L.S. said...

That started happening to my old macbook back in the winter. It took me a while to figure out what kept happening. But, when I would rest my wrists on the area of the laptop surrounding my trackpad, it would act as if I had clicked on the track pad. Once I decided that's what was happening, I tested it out using one finger... I would press down on the case beside the track pad and sure enough, where ever the arrow happened to be pointing at on the screen at the time would be where my cursor wound up. I don't know if there is a fix for it... I just became extra aware of my hands and would make sure to keep my eyes on the screen so I didn't confuse and frustrate myself if my cursor jumped around.

Kate said...

Cute pages! If you really get into scrapbooking check out creative memories. All their albums, paper, stickers and supplies are made from a special substance that does not yellow or fade. Ever looked at your granparents old albums? If you use creative memories your albums will never fade or turn colors like that. It will look the same as it does today in 50 years