February 29, 2012

{Bleepin'} TV shows these days

Quite a few weeks ago, Trey came home and told me he read an article about how there was going to be more profanity on our popular TV shows coming up soon. Serious ones at that. I kind of thought that I'd believe it when I heard it. Surely, they wouldn't be dropping the F-bomb on Modern Family (that's the show I heard specifically would be doing it). I prayed that show in particular wouldn't, it's high up on my favorite list and I swore I'd write off any show that started using even more foul language.

Low and behold, the next episode we watched, the big F word was used multiple times. It was better played than I thought, I will admit. It was bleeped out (I literally thought it would be said openly) and it was used in a hilarious (of course) and relatable context. The little girl, Lily, started saying it much to the parents dismay and embarrassment. I think most of us deal with that at some point and can laugh at it.
I haven't heard any more of that out of this show.

The Office is the one I'm starting to have a problem with. Every single episode lately they are having to bleep something out. Listen, I'm really no prude. Especially after I've had a glass of wine or two. But on sitcoms? What's the point? It adds absolutely ZERO content to the show. You can tell it's a stretch. There's no need to it. It's like they're just throwing it in for giggles.

Here's my problem -
I'm afraid the envelope is going to keep being pushed further and further. It starts with bleeped out cuss words - scratch that. It started a long time ago. Most of us think nothing anymore of shows like Two and a Half Men. But soon the bleeped out cuss words aren't going to phase us and all of a sudden it won't be bleeped.
Do y'all know the last time I went to the movie theater, they showed an actual penis on  the screen? Granted, it was The Hangover II (don't judge, date nights don't happen very frequently over here and there was not much to choose from). I know it was rated R, but seriously? I couldn't believe it. Since when is it okay to show that kind of stuff in the movie theater?? This wasn't the unrated version released to DVD!

Am I just getting old? Did becoming a mother do this to me? Or are more of you noticing all of this as well?

Either way - Come on Office! Get your act together. I don't want to have to stop watching you, but I will. You are quite funny without the use of a bleeped out "F%&* You".


Jen said...

I completely agree with you! We don't watch THe Office anymore for that very reason.

JG said...

Well, since my brother is so much younger, I kind of grew up noticing that kind of thing, not really with TV shows, but with movies. There were always things we couldn't watch if he was in the room. But I totally agree, I think it's ramped up recently. I mean, you know that new show, GCB? You know what the B stands for, right?

Mel said...

I'm a potty mouth. I am pretty good at filtering when there are kids or people who I know would be bothered by it, but I am still a potty mouth.

That said, I have noticed as well. Any TV show that is on during Prime Time (i.e. kids are home from school and still awake) should not contain that kind of language.

Alas, we live in a society where the morality envelope is pushed farther away every single year. It is up to us to read descriptions, check warnings and ratings and teach our kids the right way to speak/act and hope for the best.

Scratch that, you are a great mom and are raising a great son. You will continue to do so despite the world's imploding morals.