November 18, 2011

Foodie Friday

Second day in a row with a post! I'm on a roll!

Although I have no pictures (because my camera has mysteriously disappeared of the face of this earth. For real. It's nowhere) this is still a great recipe that can be made quickly and enjoyed any time of the day...  as a meal replacement or a snack. I mostly will make this for my breakfast, but it's great if you just have a hankering for something sweet and don't want to use 300 calories.

I just put stuff together, so it doesn't have an official name, but here is how you make my Chocolate-PB-Banana Smoothie:

You'll need:
1C fat-free milk (Smart Source is a great option)
2 spoonfuls of light vanilla yogurt
2T Nesquick dry chocolate mix (or whatever you use.. carnation is even better to use, actually. You know.. vitamins and all)
2T reduced-fat PB (preferably the creamy variety)
A banana
As much crushed ice as you'd like

Blend all of this together. I use my Ninja and it takes like 25 seconds, but anything will work. And viola.. a delicious smoothie.

You'll become obsessed and drink one every day for about 3 months. Don't worry, it may taper down to one every other day after that.

We're hard core into smoothies right now, but this seems to be the only consistent concoction so far. Do you do smoothies? Have any winning combinations you can share? Please?


Kristy said...

Might have to try this one. We enjoy fruit smoothies! Recipe is easy: any frozen fruit(we use the fresh, non-sugared kind you can find at the Commissary) + fat free yogurt + fresh squeezed orange juice/fat free milk = delish and refreshing! The one I made this morning for breakfast: ~1/4 C each of the following: frozen peaches, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries; 1 container of Yoplait Fat Free Harvest Peach yogurt; 1/2-3/4C fat free milk. BLEND until smooth. Split with the hubby and enjoyed with a straw! :D

~Haley~ said...

My favorite smoothie is pretty simple..

Half a banana
4-5 lg strawberries
handfull of raspberries or blackberries
2 scoops vanilla frozen yogurt
half cup milk
half cup orange juice

It's basically the best blend ever!